About Us

Welcome to The Simpler Life, the home of zero waste and plastic free solutions on your doorstep.

The Simpler Life didn’t initially start out as a zero waste store but as a personal journey to reducing the amount of plastic and waste that I was generating at home. I began making little changes at home and when shopping, and eventually started producing my own zero waste products to use myself. After positive feedback and encouragement from family and friends, The Simpler Life officially became a zero waste business selling at local markets and fairs.

At this time, I was running The Simpler Life alongside teaching in a secondary school but I was beginning to struggle with my chronic fatigue and fibromyalgia and knew that I had to change my career path. This seemed like the perfect opportunity to take The Simpler Life full time and to start helping others begin or continue their zero waste journey.

Then came the fun task of building a website and finding a high street shop premises. Keyworth was quickly chosen to be the location for the shop. This is where I grew up and where my family still live, but I also knew that the community and surrounding villages didn’t have easy access to a zero waste shop. Then came corona virus. We were lucky to still be able to open the shop and supply shortage items to the local community, but the website suddenly had to support the local community who were self-isolating. Our plastic free food options became a big part of the website and then local deliveries began and click and collect evolved.

Being able to shop local, and have access to local products, has always been the main ethos of The Simpler Life. Now having a zero waste shop on your doorstep and offering local products, or products with zero miles, have become the foundation of The Simpler Life.

We look forward to seeing you in the shop soon or receiving your order.

Sarah and The Simpler Life team


Opening Hours

Thursday and Friday - 9.30am to 4.30pm

Saturday - 9.30am to 3.00pm

Sunday to Wednesday CLOSED


Current Stock List

A current list of all our refill items is now available to download here. Please note that prices may be subject to change.


Recycling Information

Are you local to the shop and want to recycle more? This document has a list of the things we recycle in the shop and the closest locations for lots of other recycling options!