Plastic Free Baking

Love to bake but hate the amount of plastic and waste that's involved? It is possible to bake without creating so much waste by buying as many of your products loose as you can. This was my nephews birthday cake from last week and it is possible to make a gluten free chocolate cake that's as yummy as a the normal version!

Chocolate cake

The only ingredient that I haven't been able to find plastic free or in bulk yet is the double cream for the ganache. Everything else is possible to buy by filling your own containers or ensuring that your butter comes wrapped in paper and eggs come in a cardboard container instead of plastic.

Decorated chocolate cake

Self raising flour/Gluten free self raising flour

Caster sugar

Baking powder/Gluten free baking powder

Cocoa powder

Icing sugar

Milk chocolate/Dark chocolate

Let me know if you would like the recipe and enjoy your baking whatever you're making.